P2 Subsea processing moves forward with challenges in tow

More and more is oil&gas equipment disappears from the seasurface to the seabottom.
The trend to place heavy equipment below surface closer to the well is remarkable.
Not only does it save a lot of installation of heavy stuff on high steel jackets, which is costly and cumbersome, but also does it avoid the fluids flowing to the topsides and partly returning to the bottom.
This is saving energy by not having to process the fluids and to pump fluid or compress gas for the return flow.
The downside is that it is not proven technology yet, it requires energy (e.g. powerleads) and is very costly because most equipment (apart from the submersible pumps) are in the pilot phase of being tested.
Besides if something goes wrong, it is much more difficult and costly to reach the equipment on the bottom, than when installed above surface.
However it is the way to go for the deeper and more difficult to reach wells.
This article provides a nice overview of the latest developments:

Subsea processing